Diving Adventures Staff Support Fund


In these pandemic times, the Diving Adventures Cozumel team is reaching out, and asking for your kind support.

Seafarers, captains, sailors, dive guides, instructors, mechanics, and marina secuirity staff, we find ourselves without our source of income, due to the travel bans, and the need to stop traveling to avoid spreding the disease.

Of course, tourism is next to cero now.

All things consider, we need to ensure that the 20 people taken into account, wich are part directly and indirectly within the Diving Adventures Cozumel team, and their families, continue to have what is essential during the difficult situation that the world is living trough.

All donations will help these families, until we can return to normality, and get on board again!

We greatly appreciate any donation that is within your means, together we will succeed.


Felipe Romo
Diving Adventures Cozumel




About Diving Adventures and Felipe Romo
Since 1989 Diving Adventures/Felipe Romo, started offering diving and snorkeling services, attended tourists from all over the world trought the years; at the moment it is impossible to continue without support, since Cozumel has been without tourism and without being able to work for almost 2 months.
The hope remains of standing up.


Diving Adventures

Felipe Romo


52 987 111 7310


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